Antenna Patterns at your Fingertips

Today Wavefront announces the release of their new Antenna Pattern Toolbox (APT) We’ve take the ITU’s Antenna Pattern Library (APL-UM-001) and created a new toolbox, written in MATLAB®. With our Antenna Pattern Toolbox (APT) you’ll have easy access to all the antenna patterns from the ITU’s Antenna Patterns Reference Manual. You’ll be able to tap into MATLAB’s powerful analytics and perform computationally intensive tasks faster than with traditional programming languages.

With our new toolbox you’ll be able to model space and earth station antennas quickly and easily. Just select the antenna pattern that is most applicable to your particular situation. You’ll be able to do custom interference analysis using MATLAB’s speed and power along with ITU-R validated subroutines. The toolbox is distributed under the GNU public license.

We provide the Antenna Pattern Toolbox (APT) in zip and tar.gz formats with check sum, so you can validate the download. Send an email to requesting the APT and we’ll send you the toolbox to download at no charge.

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