Not in the same time zone?

You don’t need to be in the same room. You don’t even need to be on the same continent. Collaboration technologies are reaching a critical mass of adoption, making it is possible to work efficiently with almost all of your colleagues and clients remotely. You meet, share computer screens, edit documents, and have quick chats without being physically together. Talked about for years, and now common place, are you in? If not, Wavefront can help.

Wavefront has years of experience working with other administrations and government agencies internationally. We can help you use new collaboration technologies. Wavefront can help answer your questions…Which technology suits your purpose? Which technologies will be a distraction? What is the etiquette for using a specific technology?

Some conclude that these technologies are not worth the time required to learn them. Wavefront completely disagrees. We’ve worked with colleagues and clients in the next town over, on the west coast, and as far away as Africa and Australia. Our product Aurora, is just an example of the way you can work with your team even though you’re not in the same time zone as we are. Let us work with you to see if our solutions can increase your efficiency and improve your outcomes.

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