Low Earth Orbiting Constellations Pose Threat

Recently in the October 2016 Space News there was an article discussing the proposed wave of low Earth orbit communications satellite constellations (NGSO) that could become an interference hazard for satellites in geostationary orbit. These new systems even if they comply with existing rules could still pose a threat and are concerning some satellite operators.

Space News stated, “Rules enacted by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in 2000, during the previous wave of proposed nongeostationary orbit (NGSO) satellite systems, gives frequency priority to satellites in geostationary orbit. NGSO systems must take measures, such as reducing their power output, to avoid interfering with geostationary satellites.”

Wavefront is currently developing a system planning toolbox, which includes analysis of NGSO systems. If you would like more information about the toolbox or need Wavefront’s comprehensive consulting services, please contact us.

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