Wavefront Presents at SUIRG 2010

In September, Wavefront did a surgical strike on San Francisco and presented Aurora at the SUIRG 2010 Interference Conference. The Satellite Users Interference Reduction Group (SUIRG) is a global industry organization dedicated to combating the increasing and costly problem of satellite radio frequency interference (RFI). Comprised of representatives from both private industry and the public sector, SUIRG shares and disseminates RFI information and remedies, works with industry to define equipment standards and proficiency training, and actively pursues programs to reduce or mitigate satellite interference.

Wavefront presented during the first day of the three day annual SUIRG conference during session 5 which focused on SUIRG WEB tools. Aurora impressed the audience with its analytical capabilities. Wavefront hopes to continue their involvement with SUIRG, agreeing with the SUIRG motto to “Stop Interference before it Happens.”

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