How to Use Aurora

Watch our short video tutorial and learn how to set up an Aurora system report. Aurora is an easy-to-use powerful application that enables you access the ITU databases to do powerful analyses of satellite interference.


We’re here to help you with courses to get you going!

Satellite Coordination 101

Satellite Coordination 101 is a crash course from the inventors of Aurora. You will be guided through the basics of satellite interference analysis including the regulatory process and link budget calculations. course outline

Satellite Orbit 101

Satellite Orbit 101 is a crash course on the basics of the geostationary orbit. You will be guided through the basic terminology and technical aspects involved in using geostationary orbits in doing analyses. course outline

Looking for Additional Resources, Training, or Help?

Wavefront also offers an innovative application called Aurora. Plus, quick answers, product tutorials, self-help guides, training and consulting services.


Aurora provides fast and secure analysis to facilitate efficient use of the spectrum-orbit resource. It’s a powerful analytic tool thats quick and easy-to-use.
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Get help when you need it! Wavefront also provides personalized training through Web Conferencing and Face-to-Face Meetings. Wavefront has a training level to meet your needs.
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There’s no need for you and your clients to wait, LeClair Telecom can respond quickly using Aurora’s powerful analytic engine.
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