NBN Rollout Coverage Maps – Posted

NBN has posts rollout coverage maps here: http://www.nbnco.com.au/learn-about-the-nbn/rollout-map.html#

The nbn™ network is one of the most advanced technology projects in Australian history. To find out how the nbn™ network works investigate this easily understood step-by-step guide that illustrates how it all works. http://www.nbnco.com.au/learn-about-the-nbn/how-the-nbn-network-gets-to-you.html

Wavefront works with NBNco to support their advanced technology project with Aurora, Wavefront’s in-depth analytics powered by MATLAB.

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Computerworld posts NBNco Coverage Maps

Computerworld published maps of NBNco’s coverage to show an indication of where they will be providing fibre and wireless service.

Check out the coverage maps here: https://www.computerworld.com.au/slideshow/355191/nbn-coverage-maps/

These maps provide an indicative representation of the fibre and wireless components of the National Broadband Network. These maps show both the fibre service as well as the wireless footprint where satellite service will be available to the remaining areas.

Wavefront has worked with NBNco to support their work to provide National Broadband to all residents of Australia.

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Low Earth Orbiting Constellations Pose Threat

Recently in the October 2016 Space News there was an article discussing the proposed wave of low Earth orbit communications satellite constellations (NGSO) that could become an interference hazard for satellites in geostationary orbit. These new systems even if they comply with existing rules could still pose a threat and are concerning some satellite operators.

Space News stated, “Rules enacted by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in 2000, during the previous wave of proposed nongeostationary orbit (NGSO) satellite systems, gives frequency priority to satellites in geostationary orbit. NGSO systems must take measures, such as reducing their power output, to avoid interfering with geostationary satellites.”

Wavefront is currently developing a system planning toolbox, which includes analysis of NGSO systems. If you would like more information about the toolbox or need Wavefront’s comprehensive consulting services, please contact us.

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Extensive Training Course Completed!

Last week Wavefront conducted a five-day intensive satellite training course, covering Wavefront’s Satellite Coordination 101 and Satellite Orbits 101, as well as lectures on Special Topics and actual Role Playing of a hypothetical situation. Boston’s weather cooperated with beautiful sunny days. Although we wouldn’t say that the training was always fun, the days went quickly and by the end of the week we had successfully covered all the planned material. Our participants were each awarded a certificate of completion for their hard work. We thank them for their willingness to ask questions and for being an active part of their training.

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We are now entirely in the cloud!

As of December 2013, Wavefront has moved Aurora, their innovative program for satellite interference analytics, to the cloud! Aurora enables you to do accurate sophisticated analyses quickly and easily with flexible results beyond just the c/i ratio.

We’re using Amazon’s web services, a highly reliable, scalable, and secure solution, to handle your critical data and calculations. Your analytical computations will be securely handled with Amazon’s availability and reliability. We feel confident that you’ll enjoy the power of the fast infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites.

If you haven’t experienced the power of Aurora’s Fast Flexible Analytics, sign up for a free trial today or contact Wavefront to learn more about our comprehensive solutions.

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Not in the same time zone?

You don’t need to be in the same room. You don’t even need to be on the same continent. Collaboration technologies are reaching a critical mass of adoption, making it is possible to work efficiently with almost all of your colleagues and clients remotely. You meet, share computer screens, edit documents, and have quick chats without being physically together. Talked about for years, and now common place, are you in? If not, Wavefront can help.

Wavefront has years of experience working with other administrations and government agencies internationally. We can help you use new collaboration technologies. Wavefront can help answer your questions…Which technology suits your purpose? Which technologies will be a distraction? What is the etiquette for using a specific technology?

Some conclude that these technologies are not worth the time required to learn them. Wavefront completely disagrees. We’ve worked with colleagues and clients in the next town over, on the west coast, and as far away as Africa and Australia. Our product Aurora, is just an example of the way you can work with your team even though you’re not in the same time zone as we are. Let us work with you to see if our solutions can increase your efficiency and improve your outcomes.

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Monitoring Analysis

Today at the WRC 2012, Wavefront presented their innovative Monitoring Analysis.

With Aurora’s Monitoring, you’ll receive email alerts to any new satellite system that may impact your system. You define and customize your monitoring criteria. Wavefront maintains the ITU databases for you. You’ll save time and stay up to date with current ITU publications.

The week of January 23rd we’ll be at a booth in the CCV, across from the CICG. Stop by our booth and we’ll show you a sample of the monitoring alerts that you can receive. These monitoring alerts will save you time and effort. Or send us an email and we’ll contact you to show you how easy Monitoring alerts are to use. Aurora Monitoring alerts are the fast and easy way to protect your satellite systems.

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Antenna Patterns at your Fingertips

Today Wavefront announces the release of their new Antenna Pattern Toolbox (APT) We’ve take the ITU’s Antenna Pattern Library (APL-UM-001) and created a new toolbox, written in MATLAB®. With our Antenna Pattern Toolbox (APT) you’ll have easy access to all the antenna patterns from the ITU’s Antenna Patterns Reference Manual. You’ll be able to tap into MATLAB’s powerful analytics and perform computationally intensive tasks faster than with traditional programming languages.

With our new toolbox you’ll be able to model space and earth station antennas quickly and easily. Just select the antenna pattern that is most applicable to your particular situation. You’ll be able to do custom interference analysis using MATLAB’s speed and power along with ITU-R validated subroutines. The toolbox is distributed under the GNU public license.

We provide the Antenna Pattern Toolbox (APT) in zip and tar.gz formats with check sum, so you can validate the download. Send an email to amy.kobi@wavefront-aurora.com requesting the APT and we’ll send you the toolbox to download at no charge.

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Web-based Software makes Sense!

Aurora is available as a web-based software program. Web-based software is software that you use over the internet with a web browser. You don’t have to install anything. There’s no CD, no downloads, and no need to do upgrades. With Aurora you’ll save time and have access to the latest data from the ITU. Wavefront maintains and updates the ITU-R Space Stations (SRS, SPS, and Appendix 30B) and Graphical Interference Management Systems (GIMS) databases.

Web-based software is safer. Your analysis and reports are secure and password protected. Only you and your colleagues that you trust have access. Wavefront automatically backs up your data. Aurora is safe, secure, password protected and backed-up.

Web-based software is more efficient. You don’t have to worry about leaving something on the wrong computer or not having the latest information or having to spend time sorting through emails looking for the latest spreadsheet. You and your team will have the latest versions of analyses and reports because everything is stored in one centralized place.

You’ll be able to work from home, work, or at meetings. Your work is available anywhere with internet access. And when you don’t have internet access, you can just download your reports as excel files and use them that way.

Efficiency, Safety, Flexibility! That’s why we think web-based makes sense!

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Wavefront announces two new updates to Aurora

Wavefront Brings Planned Bands & Notification Filings to Aurora!

Now, Aurora allows you to access system characteristics contained in Appendix 30/30A Broadcast-Satellite Service and Appendix 30B Fixed-Satellite Service Planned Bands databases. Using the easy-to-use Aurora interface, you can now do in-depth analyses based on these filings.

And now there’s no need to spend the time to download and search the ITU databases for notification filings. Wavefront’s second update adds access to notification filings, both in the Planned and Non-Planned bands. With Aurora you can now extract data from the ITU databases for notification filings and use those along with coordination filings to do sophisticated interference analyses.

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