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Aurora/ Plans & Pricing

Wavefront has a plan to meet your needs!

Aurora on the Web

$9,000 annually

Private wiki site for up to three user
Your information is secure because access is through your own private and protected web-based platform.

System Reports
You can dynamically access the data from the ITU-R Space Stations (SRS, SPS, and Appendix 30B) and Graphical Interference Management Systems (GIMS) databases quickly and easily.

Emission Analysis
After you have selected systems to be analyzed you can then determine the interference conditions between a selected set of emissions from each system. Aurora’s powerful analytic engine, implemented in MATLAB® and tested in over ten years of satellite coordination activity, will deliver to you comprehensive and sophisticated analyses.

Add-Ons and Packages

$4,000 per Add-On or Package annually

Get the most out of Aurora for everything you do! Let Wavefront design a custom program to meet your needs.

Monitoring Add-On

You can automatically screen the biweekly IFICs for new systems. Aurora’s Monitoring Add-On lets you define the monitoring criteria. You receive alerts to any new satellite systems that would impact you. Save time and gain insight with Aurora’s Monitoring Add-On.

Custom Files Add-On

Upload custom satellite system filing data. With Aurora’s Custom Files, you can use Microsoft Access (.MDB) files and custom space station antenna gain contours in GIMS (.GXT) format. You can examine systems characteristics that are not reflected in the SRS or GIMS databases. You gain flexibility by utilizing user generated filing data or unpublished data generated during coordination activities.

Advanced Analysis Package Add-On

Includes the Test Point Analysis Add-On and Grid Analysis Add-On.

With the Test Point Analysis Add-On, you can easily compute and display numerically the interference condition between a pair of emissions. Plus you can do this at any number of locations you select from a global list, dynamically determining the link availability.

Using a graphical form, the Grid Analysis Add-On computes and visually displays the interference condition between a pair of emissions. With Aurora’s Grid Analysis Add-On you can choose between contour or color plots to visualize interference conditions anywhere in the world.

Link Budget Add-On

With this Add-On you can quickly display numerically the interference condition between a pair of emissions at a single location. With Aurora’s Link Budget Add-On you can quickly determine contributing factors to the interference condition, making you more effective in coordination activities. This Add-On is now included in Aurora on the Web.

Additional Users Package

Aurora dramatically reduces the time and complexity of sharing your latest analyses and past reports with colleagues. With this Package you can use Aurora for large teams of up to six users. For larger teams contact Wavefront for group discounts.

Aurora Reports – Pay as you go

Now if you do satellite interference analysis less frequently, you can use Aurora’s powerful analytics without needing to budget for a regular year long subscription. Contact Wavefront for more information.

Aurora on Your Computer


Aurora has moved to a “cloud” based service, eliminating the need for a stand-alone application. As of December 2013 we have deprecated the Aurora stand-alone option. Wavefront can now assist you with a “cloud” based Aurora application that works for you and your team. Contact us for pricing.

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