Frequently asked questions

What about security?
Aurora is private and encrypted. Only you and your team will have access to your private site. No one else can see your data and reports.

What if I have a problem?
You can communicate with us via email, phone, or web conference. Or report an issue with our issue tracking system.

What if I need help using Aurora?
We offer online training and support, self-help guides, and product tutorials. Plus web conferencing is free with an Aurora account.

How expensive is Aurora?
Aurora is less expensive than other software programs. Aurora allows you to do more without needing to hire more people.

What if I already have something that I use?
You will find that Aurora is more powerful and allows you to do more, quickly and easily, than error prone spread sheets. Plus Aurora allows you to easily share work with your colleagues.

How do I know the Aurora analyses are correct?
We post all the equations and values that are used in the calculations. Plus, these equations have been tried and tested by LeClair Telecom in over 15 years of regulatory meetings and coordinations.

Can we analyze a new proposed system with Aurora?
You can analyze any system described in a Microsoft Access Database file in the SRS structure.  Further, what-if analyses can be done by editing values for any input characteristic.

What are the benefits to a web application?
With Aurora on the Web you can use any browser and work from any location, which means you don’t have to install or maintain anything.

What if I don’t have access to the internet at a meeting?
Wavefront is planning to release the Aurora Stand-Alone early in 2011. The Aurora Stand-Alone will be installed on your computer and will enable your team to work together without the internet.

What about updates to the IFIC?
We handle all the updates to the SRS and GIMS.

How fast is Aurora?
Aurora is at least five times faster than conventional approaches. So a five-day analysis would be done in one day, and save 32 hours, or $6,400, per analysis.

How easy is it for my colleagues to work together?
Because of Aurora’s collaborative framework and version control, you can share easily. Team members can find out what they need when they need it, which means your team can do more work quickly and easily.

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