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Powerful Analytics

Aurora dynamically integrates the data from the ITU-R Space Stations (SRS, SPS, and Appendix 30B) and Graphical Interference Management Systems (GIMS) databases. Aurora enables you to quickly select, sort, and use this data to analyze and compare interference conditions between satellite networks. Aurora’s analytic engine, implemented in MATLAB® and tested in over ten years of satellite coordination activity, delivers comprehensive and sophisticated analyses.

Determine the interference condition between two satellite networks, including the computation of interference levels and the resulting impact on system links

Identify candidate orbital locations and frequencies; assess treaty status coordination rights and obligations

Analyze user generated system characteristics data provided in Microsoft Access (.MDB) and GIMS (.GXT) formats


Aurora is an intuitive web-based interface that is easy-to-use and significantly reduces the learning curve needed to generate complex satellite interference analyses. Aurora allows you to create, revise, and view reports, then securely share these reports with colleagues. Reports are automatically named and filed for you, so you can easily find them later. Aurora frees you from needing to install data and software updates.

Quickly select, sort and use satellite filing data as published by the ITU in the Space Stations and GIMS databases

Automatically screen the biweekly IFICs to identify newly published systems that may require inclusion into ITU coordination discussions

Simply upload custom satellite filing data to determine the potential coordination requirements for new systems under consideration

Generate detailed link budgets at the touch of a button to quickly identify causes of interference

Collaborate safely and securely using web-based functionality or as a locally installed stand-alone application

Generate reports of interference at specified locations for sharing online

Generate reports in downloadable format

Share Seamlessly and Securely

Aurora dramatically reduces the time and complexity of sharing your latest analyses and past reports with colleagues. Your information is secure because access is through your own private and protected web-based platform. Have Wavefront host your site or install the stand-alone stack on your laptop or office server. Communications between your computer and your Aurora site is controlled by Secure Socket Layer encryption, which provides robust protection. You can collaborate with confidence knowing that your sensitive and proprietary data is secure.

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Now you can be more responsive to your clients’ coordination and regulatory concerns. LeClair Telecom provides technical expertise along with Aurora’s analytic engine to deliver to you comprehensive and sophisticated analyses, in a shorter time frame than ever before. There’s no need for you or your clients to wait anymore because you can respond quickly using Wavefront’s consulting services.

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